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Casting a viral for PIZZA EXPRESS.

A brand film here for Pizza Express. Everyone is fairly young and cool – some edgy; tattoos and piercings etc. Representative of the millennial generation, and younger.

Client keen to portray a wide range of ethnicities & genders – so roles are open to all types of people. Client also keen to not adhere to food ad stereotypes, so all sizes welcome too.

A brand film for Pizza Express – visually exploring the ‘recipe for good times’.

We see shots of a Pizza Express kitchen – chefs rolling and stretching the dough, preparing ingredients etc – cut with shots of different groups of people enjoying each others company and the great food in the restaurant.

Client is keen for this film to be representative of modern, city dwelling millennials. Keen for suggestions of people from all ethnicities, genders and sexualities, shapes and sizes.

Casting: tomorrow, Thursday 12th March.

Shoot: Monday 23rd and/or Tuesday 24th March in South London.

Fee: £300 BSF (10 hour day including 1 hour lunch, overtime at 20% per hour) + £2500 buyout for 2 years UK usage; Film – Digital & Cinema, Print – digital and POS/in restaurant.


2 X REAL SIBLINGS: with a clear age gap between them. Any age from 16 to 30. Any gender and ethnicity.

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