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Services of Industry Professionals

Designers, Casting Directors, Producers, Directors, and More… UK Talents Castings work with a number of professionals in the entertainment and fashion industry, such as designers, casting directors, producers and more.

At UK Talents we don’t only provide actors, dancers and Supporting artists, we also provide a number of other services to help promote your business growth within the entertainment and fashion industry.

Additional Services

Photographers – We can provide photographers for photo-shoots, events, editorial spreads and more.

Videographers – We have Videographers that can create videos of your brand for YOUTUBE, WEBSITES, EVENTS and more.

Make-up Artists – We have a range of make-up artists on stand by.

Studios/Casting Space – We can provide a range of studio spaces for photo-shoots, audition space and more.

Websites – We have a fabulous tech team that can help build a fantastic website for your brand/projects

PLEASE CONTACT US ON if you require these services and price plans.

Headshots and Portfolios

In the entertainment industry, it is essential to have a portfolio if you would like to go into modelling or dancing. Actors and extras would need a set of head shots and body shots. This is so agents can represent you, as casting directors only see your CV and pictures first and then through your pictures and CV they select who they would like to see for an audition. Since we started UK Talents, we have been in contact with amazing photographers that don’t charge too much for a professional portfolio or a set of professional head shots. We can recommend you to agency approved photographers who have great packages available for Headshots and Portfolios.

ALWAYS seek advice from your agent before booking any photo-shoots! Not only will you be getting a great deal on a shoot but you can also reassure that you will be signed onto our mailing list and will be getting work immediately within the industry so it is a win win situation. PLEASE CONTACT US for these services and price plans.

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