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How to Apply

Use amateur photos. It’s really not worth the extra cost to get professional pics done. Get a friend or relative with a smart phone or standalone camera and let them take a number of photos of you. It’s best to keep the setting fairly basic with a single-color backdrop, almost like a passport photo.

Pose for a large number of shots, at least twenty, so that you’ll have plenty to choose from. Out of these photos, you’ll need to select between six to twenty images to include in your final portfolio. You’ll need a wide range of photos, including at least one head shot. please email your cv and images to

What happens after registering?

After you have successfully registered your application is received by us and passed onto a team of professionals who will assess your suitability. If we feel you have what it takes we will pass your details to a new faces consultant who will get in touch with you to talk you through the rest of the steps. We aim to process all applications as soon as possible however depending on the volume and season we try to process all applications within 3-5 working days. Some applications might take longer. When applying please make sure to provide a good visible photograph of yourself and your contact details. If you have given the incorrect contact details we wont be able to reach you and your application will be discarded.

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