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Auditions for ONCE The musical

Auditions for ONCE The musical

Auditions for ONCE The musical (CARDIFF – MILLENNIUM CENTRE)

The role will be shared by two children at each venue. They MUST live in very easy travelling distance of the venue – definitely no more than 40 minutes travelling door to door.

Based on the critically acclaimed and much-loved film, Once tells the uplifting yet yearning story of two lost souls – a Dublin street busker and a Czech musician – who unexpectedly fall in love. Following their relationship across five short days, big changes happen to both of them in little ways. Celebrated for its original folk score including the Academy Award-winning song Falling Slowly, Once is a spell-binding and uplifting story of hopes and dreams.

We are only looking for the following children’s role:

The child of the lead character, this is a small non-speaking but important role in the musical. She’s five years old in the story, but realistically we are probably looking for a small 7 or 8 year old to play the role. She should look Eastern European/Czech, probably with dark or dark blonde hair, dark eyes.
She needs to be confident and secure enough to walk onstage on her own for the first encounter, and comfortable with being lifted up by the Andrej actor in the dance and by the Baruska actress for the night time scene, in which she needs to be still enough to appear sound asleep (no fidgeting allowed!) She may be in an additional moment in the second half during another song.

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