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A Mother’s Love’ Casting

A Mother’s Love’ Casting

A Mother’s Love is a social realist short drama. It focuses on Linda, a 56-year-old single mother to her troubled 22-year-old son Johnny. She is shocked to find Johnny has been involved with a major drug scandal and now has to deal with both the police and his boss. How far would a mother go to protect her child?

Roles needed:
Linda- (50s) is a working class single mother. She is a born and bred, Yorkshire woman. She is strong-willed and smart witted but ultimately a dedicated mother to her son Johnny.

Johnny- (18-25) is the son of Linda. A Yorkshire lad who has a knack for getting in trouble. In finding out he is to be a father, he gets involved with drugs for money. However, he soon realises he’s in too deep.

It is a student film so it is unpaid but food and travel (within reason) are covered and a copy of the film will be available to you.